LIULI Luscious Glass Artwork- Crystal Baby Doll Figurine, A Great Wish (Special Edition) (Loretta Yang)


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  • Dimension (L×W×H)/cm: 10*4*5
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Design Concept: Featured here is the special edition of a glass masterwork collected by both Bowers Museum as well as the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Titled, “A Great Wish,” Loretta H. Yang’s 1998 artwork of an infant cupped in a loving hand is both a moving artwork as well as a prayer. The original piece was set for a limited edition of eight pieces worldwide. However, given the nature of such a universal and heartfelt sentiment, LIULI Crystal Art produces this work in a special unlimited edition so that the prayer can be shared all around the world.A Great Wish (Special Edition)
    After staring quietly,
    All the waves of peace,
    Let go without fight and hate.

    大愿 (珍藏版)

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