BaZi- The Destiny Code: Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny (Joey Yap)- Color


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i. Description:
Just like DNA to a physical body, BaZi dictates the Destiny Code – that are the talents, the hidden abilities, the character, strengths, weaknesses, challenges in life, and achievements – of an individual. In this introductory book on BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny, Joey Yap ventures deep into the essence of Personality Analysis to foster a more accurate and informed understanding, beyond the conventional Chinese Astrology reading.
What you’ll learn:
– Plot your personal BaZi (Destiny Code) Chart
– Understand your character and personality model
– Determine your favourable or unfavourable career options
– Analyse your Wealth potential and capacity of your life
– Maximise your opportunities in life
– Discover and utilise your hidden talents
– Improve personal and family relationships
– Optimise your performance
ii. Rating: 4.1/5.0 (135 ratings)—the-destiny-code-book-1
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